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The smart way to launch your tech business.

mvpskool is a community and technology product design school for non-technical founders.
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mvpskool is making the risk less risky, learn test your ideas and go to market faster.

For aspiring founders & non-technical founders

mvpskool proposes leveraging design thinking, no code and low code tools in creating the first version of your tech product idea, reducing cost to launch, time to launch and optimizing for business profit

Build the future leveraging tech + your domain knowledge

we are REimagining the startup launch path

The Challenge

test innovative ideas cheaply
prove the idea
unclear revenue model
Build a sample of the product
Get ready for early funding
Find a technical co-founder
Testing new tech ideas cheaply
Save on time, cost going to market
MVPSkool is solving this for Entrepreneurs, pre-seed founders and visionary leaders through education.

The MVPskool Leaning Path

Our Toolkits and trainings are designed to challenge and equip entrepreneurs to run structured experiments with tech within the business verticals they are truly passionate about.
  • Strategic planing & Testing - User driven solutions with profit centered design
  • Lead Generation & Service design - sales funnel design, service delivery process flow
  • MVP build & Measuring - workflow design, user journey mapping, dependency identification, nocode development tools

Get all the training, toolkits and community to help you startup

We have curated a master list of Africa-focused venture capital and angle investors
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From idea to tech backed product in 72hrs, How!

Saturday / 20th Oct. 2018

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